Daily horoscope

Daily horoscope for Friday, December 29, 2017

Just this once, rather than argue about the final outcome, you'd much rather sit down and work things out peaceably. It's not exactly what others expect from you, but it might work to your advantage. In fact, they probably think you're being especially mellow because you've got this new tactic up your sleeve. Whatever helps you keep the peace is for the best, right?


If it smacks of being cheap or shallow, you can't tolerate it now -- and that goes double for people who aren't spiritually inclined. Your best bet is to surround yourself with those you know to be fond of intense, penetrating conversations. Don't let yourself settle for anyone's company if they're not willing to dive deep!


Things go easily for you now -- and if you're out shopping, that goes double! You're able to find exactly what you want for the right price at the right time. Forget about catalogs, online stores or anything that doesn't involve direct, hands-on contact. You need to physically experience what you're about to purchase -- by seeing, touching, tasting or listening to it.


Get ready to raise some eyebrows, because the intensity of your feelings undoubtedly escapes from your mouth -- even if it's a big secret -- as soon as anyone involved comes within shouting range. The good news is that whatever you say really needs to be said, so the ends definitely justify the means. When the issue arises, be brave, be blunt -- and be as gracious as possible.


For the first time in a while, there truly is peace on earth -- at least in your corner of the world. All your loved ones, including family members, friends, and assorted dear ones are only too happy to compromise, cooperate and put their own needs second to those of the others. That happens to be your usual way of doing business, but try not to act too shocked -- just be grateful. The universe is smiling!


Your curiosity run high in all departments, which means you're ready to start investigating those issues you have avoided lately, consciously or unconsciously. In the meantime, get ready to ask hard questions of yourself and of others, and to be surprisingly satisfied with the answers. You're ready to make changes, so get to work!


Your daily rituals take on an entirely new meaning now. You enjoy every step you take, even if you've taken it a thousand times before. You should also enjoy each new experience and learning new tricks. This might start out to be a rather routine kind of day, it certainly doesn't end up that way. The universe is smiling at you!


Take advantage of this great personal energy, no matter where you happen to be or whom you're with when at all begins to shine. You can get busy doing exactly what you want to do -- even if you only take one baby step today, it's a start, and you're at least on the right track -- which is more than many of us can say. Let your instincts guide you.


Your emotions and your need to get things done are in perfect sync today, so there's not a moment to waste. Get busy doing whatever you want (or need) to do, and take your future exactly where you want it to go. You know where you want to be tomorrow, and thereafter, so what's the hold-up? Dig deep into your psyche, take time to see what's down there, and act on it.


After days of mulling something over deeply, you're finally ready to tell the world about it -- and your timing is perfect. The universe is on your side, ready to assist in any way it can. That means you should definitely start dialing, texting, IMing, and so on -- and start letting your people in on the secret. It's only fair! After all, you'd expect nothing less from them.


You may feel a small internal struggle taking place now. That doesn't mean it's unpleasant, just that what you're thinking may be at odds with what you're feeling -- or with what you feel is necessary. There's just one thing to do: Let go and let the universe take over. Your instinct is second to none, so you should know when it's safe to come out.


Someone you may not have heard from in quite a while turns out to be in the neighborhood, and you should both be delighted to bump into one another. Don't hesitate to make the first move -- after all, good friends are hard to find, and this one is probably no exception. If you feel the urge to hold out, just be sure not to ignore the phone when it rings.