Daily horoscope

Daily horoscope for Friday, November 17, 2017

Every now and then (and not as often as you'd like), the universe taps you on the shoulder and lets you know that today is your lucky day. It's here now, and whether or not you feel that tap physically, you still have some great luck coming your way. Now that you know it's coming, you have all kinds of options to consider. You might just want to jump right on any new chance you come across, regardless of the perceived outcome, and see what happens.


Telling you not to worry is a fool's errand -- at least for the time being. Even if you do temporarily believe it, you still find it too easy to talk yourself into worrying about what's going on and forgetting all about your original objectives. In the meantime, just ignore what's happening and think, instead, about what you're after in the future. Luck is definitely on your side!


You can expect to suddenly feel much closer to your partner (romantic, business or other) than you have in some time, and the real connection you've been longing for may be right around the corner. If you're single, don't argue with that friend or sibling who's decided that they know just the person for you, especially if they've been at it for years and you're tired of it all. They may be right this time, and you can't win if you don't play.


You respect privacy and secrets as much as anyone, but at the moment, you're definitely in the mood to speak your mind. The problem is that not everyone you know and love feels the same. Be respectful -- which is usually second nature to you -- by doing what you can to keep quiet. It's not easy, but once everything is out in the open, you'll be glad you did.


You're not at all afraid of speaking your mind on impulse, nor should you be. At the moment, though, it might not be your best bet. Holding back is frustrating, to say the least, but you manage -- especially since you know that your silence buys you a decent return on your time and effort. Keep quiet and think about the rewards, not just for yourself, but for the people you care about.


Now and then, you're given the chance to let your feelings show proudly, without any trace of self-consciousness. Even if you're all too ready for it, you may be feeling so exuberant that you're afraid of going overboard. It's a legitimate concern, but once you get going, you're so charming and generous that absolutely no one should mind. Let it all out -- every single little thing you're feeling.


Is getting to sleep a problem for you? Are you having even more trouble staying asleep once you finally get there? Hold off one more day before checking with the doctor or trying a heavy-duty pharmaceutical solution. You need to solve the issue you haven't quite put to bed, so to speak. If it's a financial matter, get out your tools and get to work. You just might be able to put an end to your insomnia.


You've often been called obsessive, which is certainly true, though you need to remember to see the positive side of it -- the fact that obsession is really just extremely focused concentration! Your ability to focus to that extent comes in handy now, and you should be glad you've got it. When someone less intense tosses you a glance or a comment, don't be shy!


Whether you're giving from the heart or letting others know that you're there for them, you're not shy about being generous. You've been installed in a position of leadership, and you're more than happy to fill it. Your reward is coming along shortly, and while you might not expect it, don't act like you don't deserve it. You know you do! If others want to thank you, let them.


Your recent urge to travel, for reasons of business or pleasure, is keeping you focused and alert -- so make sure that you keep going. Make those reservations and, if you can, take a loved one along. Anything could happen when you get there, and at the very least, you should be able to enjoy yourself like you need to. Indulge yourself -- if anyone has earned it, it's you!


Sometimes your place in the universe is such that things just can't help but work out well -- and when they do, you're morally obligated to indulge yourself! It's your turn now, and if you refuse, you might always wonder what could have happened, so don't even think about it. Let your energy lead you where you need to go. You know exactly who to invite for the ride, but don't tell them why. The surprise should lead to heightened excitement!


You know all about how to stretch people's comfort level just to the point at which real change can come about. When it comes to taking it on all by yourself, though, you try to take a pass. You'd much rather just deal with what life gives you, but right now, the universe is pushing on your behalf and ensuring that positive change is on the way. Just sit tight and be cooperative. If you can also enjoy the ride, you win big!