Daily horoscope

Daily horoscope for Friday, April 20, 2018

If you get the chance for a one-on-one meeting with your boss or if you're asked to give an impromptu presentation, jump on it. You can further your personal agenda with the greatest of ease at the moment, and you'll look great doing it. Your powers of communication are on fire, and you're able to be simultaneously forceful and charming -- a winning combination, indeed. It's a very good time to go after what you want.


You've got a real knack for interpersonal relationships at the moment. The ability to form a practically seamless connection -- with a friend, with a sweetheart, with a potential romantic interest -- comes to you like magic, and suddenly you two are completing each other's sentences, laughing hysterically and making some great big new plans. The bonus is that you're also thinking practically, and that's making you able to see how this all fits into the fabric of your life.


All sorts of different means of communication are in the stars, making for a possible communication overload. One minute you're online messaging frantically while also answering email, the next minute you're chatting with a friend by the watercooler; a visit from a busybody neighbor brings yet more stimuli. It all may end up raising more questions than providing answers, but luckily that's the kind of environment you thrive in.


Your ability to think innovatively and come up with good solutions is more important than following the directions at the moment -- though while the person giving the directions is around, you may want to fake it. As your project evolves, however, your knack for being original will get you lots of positive attention, and others will be mighty receptive to your next big idea -- the bigger, the better.


Expect the unexpected, and expect it to come in a rather obscure way. A project you thought was going to be a real dud could take on interesting (and resume-enhancing) new dimensions, motivating you anew to do some great work; or a coworker might suddenly come through with a hidden talent that's exactly what your collaboration needed; even your romantic life could take a sudden (and perhaps scenic) detour from the path it's on.


Your first response to an opinion or a piece of news from someone close to you may be a strong one, but you'll want to avoid a knee-jerk reaction if at all possible. Give it a chance to settle in, and you may be able to regard it in a more philosophical light. Whether you asked for this information or not, a better opportunity to express your feelings about it will present itself -- and you'll be more thoughtful and coherent.


It's definitely time to take it easy, so look for a calm companion amid all the hubbub. A little mellow rest and relaxation with someone you're comfortable with -- an old friend, a sweetheart -- restores your tranquility in a very valuable way. A quiet cafe might be a fine idea or even home sweet home. When the silences are just as nice as the talk and the laughter, you know you're in the right place with the right person.


You're feeling very jolly these days and embracing it with impressive abandon. Maybe a giant splurge on an indulgent gift seems like a terrific idea, or possibly the party you're planning is getting to be a pretty grand affair or maybe you're just getting the plastic out a lot more than usual. If you're comfortable with it, fine -- you can't take it with you, after all. Just be aware that at some point, you'll have to be more responsible.


Mundane responsibilities may be the last thing you want to deal with -- you've got bigger things on your mind and in your heart. However, your boss doubtless has a different take on what your priorities ought to entail. Meanwhile, your attitude is likely to be along the my-way-or-the-highway axis. You really can deal with this if you try to be a little bit obliging, and it might be a good idea to give it a whirl.


You're taking care of business in your usual conscientious, disciplined manner, and you're exceedingly pragmatic and grounded right now. So grounded, in fact, that with your nose to the grindstone like that you might just miss some very enjoyable socializing -- of the romantic variety. Get your nose out of your work and your projects every so often to check out the human element around you -- and one human in particular.


Being independent is all well and good, but sometimes you want the coziness and comfort of being in a group of like-minded independent types. Luckily you've got a bunch of eccentric kindred spirits you can convene when you're a little bored and desire a little company. Telling funny stories about years past, adding to the joy that is the present and looking together to the fun of the future sounds just about right.


Whatever inhibitions you usually harbor when it comes to talking about your feelings are being cast to the four winds, as you're ready to communicate, communicate, communicate. Perhaps particularly when it comes to romantic matters, you really want to tell all. The trick is to carefully consider whose listening ears are going to get the earful. Consciously employ your intuition about who the right audience is.