How to score the best deal on a brand-new car before the new year arrives

In these final days of 2017, experts are advising potential car buyers that if they're considering a new set of wheels, now is a good time to put the pedal to the metal before the new year arrives.

According to DeLorenzo, manufacturers are closing out the books on the 2017 model year and still have a lot of cars left to sell.

"You're seeing some pretty sizable rebates and incentives," he told ABC News. "You can see discounts as much as 20 [percent] to 25 percent off the MSRP [manufacturer suggested retail price]. ... You'll see some deals anywhere from [$6,000] to $8,000 off of new cars."

DeLorenzo said buyers could see a bit deeper discounts this year because sales have slowed slightly -- down 2 percent over previous sales.

"They're trying to push the deals to get the volume back up to record levels," he said.

And if you're looking for a sedan, DeLorenzo said luck is on your side.

"We're seeing the biggest discounts on sedans. People have been moving away from the four-door family cars into SUVs and crossovers," he said. "You'll see fewer deals on cross-overs and SUVs and the really big deals on the four-door sedans, particularly in the midsize and full-size segments."


December 29, 2017

Sources:` ABC News

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