35th anniversary ALL-USA football team: Offense

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of the American Family Insurance ALL-USA program, USA TODAY Sports’ Jim Halley narrowed down 35 years’ worth of football players to 60. A panel, consisting of nine experts, ranked each player in their respective positions. Fan polls were created for each position and the results counted as one panel vote, making the 10th panel vote.

Ohio is the only state with more than one selection: Orlando Pace (Sandusky, 1993) and Chris Carter (Middletown, 1983).

Below are the players selected to the American Family Insurance 35th Anniversary ALL-USA Offensive Football Team.

Army Bowl Coach of the Year Year finalists announced.

Ole Miss snagged a major quarterback commitment late Thursday.

Powers North Central dropped its first game since 2014.

Check out the 35th Anniv. ALL-USA Defensive Football Team!


December 15, 2017

Sources:` USA Today

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