National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2017

Smile For The Camera, by Gary Peart: 'Heart racing, hands clenched on the handles of my camera housing, peering through the silty usually clear mangrove water. The American Crocodile suddenly appeared out of the murk, almost resting its snout on the dome port of my underwater setup. I told myself to remain calm, that I was completely safe behind my camera. Although it was a tense encounter at first, the silty water adds to the dramatic nature of this image. A moment I will not forget in a hurry'

Over Glacial Waters, by Shane Kalyn: 'As we flew over the beautiful Holmes River (in British Columbia, Canada), the glacial waters contrasted nicely with the forest - the waters extra blue due to increased glacial melt'

There Is Always Room For One More, by Eivor Kuchta: 'How many Mountain Goats can fit on this rock, if you start stacking them on top of each other? Mount Evans, Colorado, USA'

Atlantic Puffin, by Harry Collins: 'An Atlantic Puffin on the remote nesting island of Machias Seal Island off the coast of Maine'

On The Hunt, by Daisy Gilardini: 'A polar bear is sniffing the air trying to scent seals in Svalbard, Norway' 

Lightning Bridge, by Alexis Darden: 'Spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge during a rare bay area lightning and thunderstorm'

Whale Shark and Anchovies, by Steve De Neef: 'A whale shark and school of anchovies swim by at Mafia Island, Tanzania. The shark and schooling fish are often seen together as they both are after the same planktonic prey, sergestid shrimp. The population of whale sharks here is quite unique as they remain here year round, scientist believe this is because there's an abundance of food around the island. Nowhere else in the worlds do whale sharks do this.' 

Kanyarunka, by Shannon Hinson-Witz: 'The Nyakamwe family of the DRC - new mom Kanyarunka shields her baby from a rambunctious toddler'

Over The Lake, by Phillip Chang: 'The picture was taken from a helicopter over Lake Natron. A flock of flamingos were flying over the lake.'

Up In The Clouds, by Damilice Mansur: 'After a long flight from Aruba to Canada and countless hours of driving I finally got to Bonaventure Island to be able to witness more than 54,000 breeding pairs of northern gannets. After 4km (2.5 miles) of island hiking you can start to hear the sounds and even smell of the gannets. It was a beautiful day which made this capture seem like a the gannets were up in the clouds. The background fills the frame with hundreds of gannets and a clear blue sky'

Kamokuna Ocean Entry, November 2016, by Damilice Mansur: 'Lava flows into the ocean at sunset, Kamokuna, Kalapana, Hawaii'

In Transit, by Christine Lai: 'This is a leopard who walked past our vehicle in the Okavango Delta. I admired the intensity of this leopard's eyes as it moved quietly through the grass'

Sunrise of Maasai Mara, by Jay Ruan: 'During the months of August and September, there are millions of wild beasts, zebra and other animals in Maasai Mara game reserve. On this September morning, a wild beast eating grass intersected the sun coming out of the horizon, creating this image. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I had seen so far'

Turn left, by Ruzdi Ekenheim: 'Shot at Lake Kekini, Greece'

Don't Come Any Closer, by Marc Hornig: 'Orange anemonefish, (amphiprion sandaracinos) or most commonly referred to as 'Nemo' to most was shot amongst this vibrant, iridescent and highly toxic anemone. This reef habitat was situated in the pristine waters of Sipadan Island, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia'

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October 12, 2017

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