10 things you didn't know you could buy on Amazon for $1

I have a weakness for dollar stores. I mean the good kind, where everything in the store actually costs just one dollar. From small useful items to silly toys to candy, it's fun (and handy) to grab a bunch of items when they're only a buck each.

For those times when you can't or don't want to make it to a dollar store, Amazon can fill that void. I combed through the massive retail site's offerings to find the best products that cost within 5 cents of a dollar. Prices seem to fluctuate with these items, but I can assure you at the time of publication, they really are that cheap. And of course, the beauty in cheap things is that sometimes they can prove to be priceless.

You don't NEED a little tool to help you peel and slice an orange, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to have one. These cheerfully-colored tools are deliciously cheap, and reviewers report that they're easy to use and clean.

This add-on item allows you to plug dangerous outlets so little hands stay out of harm's way.

Choose between 30 flavors of loose leaf tea. Each sampler is just a few servings, but for a dollar it's not a bad way to try some new flavors.

Not as classy or romantic as real candles, but a heck of a lot safer!

Available as an add-on item, these star stickers remind me of being successful in elementary school. My roommates and I use similar ones for our apartment chore chart and they feel just as good to receive for a job well done as they did when we were kids.

Forget Pokemon Go—remember the Pokemon cards of your youth? Turns out many Pokemon cards can be bought for about a dollar on Amazon, including this sweet Gyarados card.

A classic, tragic children's story for your Kindle.


August 08, 2017

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