Star Wars shock: THIS Princess Leia ‘revelation’ is FALSE - writer confirms

Over the weekend it was reported that the character - played by the late Carrie Fisher - had a PhD.

This came courtesy of a tweet that acknowledged a remark George Lucas made in an off-the-cuff DVD commentary back in 2004.

However, it has been counter-argued that Lucas was just illustrating his point about needing an intelligent actress for the role - and not to be taken literally, given that Leia’s apparent qualification has never been properly mentioned on the page or on screen in Star Wars canon.

What’s more, Claudia Grey - who has written a book about Leia’s life as a teenager - has swiftly shot the whole thing down.

She tweeted simply: “This would be news to me…”

Her book, Leia, Princess Of Alderaan, is due out on September 1 and tells the story of how the character came to join the rebellion against the Empire.

One Star Wars expert added on social media: “I think a key fact to remember in Star Wars fandom is that George Lucas says a LOT of stuff. But nothing is gospel until it's filmed.”

Fisher passed away in late 2016, before filming had commenced for Episode 9.

The story has since been re-worked to account for her absence, with no plans to involve her by way of archive footage or CGI.

The latter method was, of course, used to digitally recreate her younger self in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story late last year.

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August 08, 2017

Sources:` Daily Express

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