Britain is leaving Europe but should investors dive in?

Britain is leaving Europe, but is it time for British investors to dive in? 

The common perception among investors is that Europe is still struggling. Its major stock markets have surged ahead and economic data has improved, but for many the glass is still half full.

But are we underestimating the prospects for making money from European companies and where are the best places to invest to profit from the best it has to offer?

Chris Hiorns, manager of the Amity European Fund, joins us on the latest Investing Show to discuss why France may be a better place to invest than you think, why Italy is improving but its banks are still trouble and why he thinks some of Europe’s media companies could be about to rise again.

Meanwhile, one of the defining features of the post financial crisis world was quiet times for M&A, but now things have picked up - with cash-laden tech firms particularly hungry.

So will we see another M&A boom? Richard Hunter, of Wilson King IM, Simon Lambert, of This is Money, and Nick Batsford, of TipTV, discuss this in the other half of the show. 

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June 28, 2017

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