Blind woman, 65, will be able to see - thanks to her TEETH

A blind mother will be able to see clearly for the first time in 40 years - thanks to one of her teeth.

Honor Davis, 65, from Northern Ireland, lost her sight when she was just 26 due to a rare skin and eye disorder. 

But pioneering surgery which involves placing a tooth of hers into her eyes will restore her vision, doctors say.

Honor Davis, 65, lost her sight when she was just 26 due to a rare skin and eye disorder

She was suddenly unable to see her six-month-old daughter Kerry when she was struck down with Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

The condition, which is often brought on by medication and has a 15 per cent death rate, can affect the eyes and cause blisters.

Ms Davis, of Bangor, said: 'When they brought Kerry down to see me, that was devastating because that brought the reality of what was happening right home to my heart.' 

Having never seen the faces of her grandchildren, she sees this operation as the last chance to have her sight restored.

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June 24, 2017

Sources:` Daily Mail

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