Michigan girl Michaela Davert becomes star beauty blogger

A teenage girl born with a rare condition that means her bones break as easily as chalk has become a star beauty vlogger.

Michaela Davert, 18, from Michigan, who is 2ft6ins tall, was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and has already suffered close to 90 fractures and undergone around 25 surgeries in her short lifetime. 

Now around 30,000 fans tune into her musings on fashion and beauty, but Michaela - who advises her viewers to forget about traditional beauty standards - is just getting started. Now she plans to move to LA and launch her own fashion line. 

Vlogger Michaela Davert, 18, from Michigan, who was born with brittle bone syndrome, says she wants girls to know they are 'beautiful just the way they are'

Michaela was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and has endured around 90 fractures and 25 surgeries in her 18 years 

Michaela said she felt isolated growing up because 'people were afraid to even get near me'. 

'When I was younger, I broke very easily,' she said.

'But now, as I have got older, my bones have got stronger which helps. But overall, my bones are still very fragile.'

Despite struggling to make friends in the classroom, FunsizedStyle has seen Michaela's popularity explode online.  

'I think that kids growing up didn't really understand the condition, so making friends and being around friends was a little bit harder,' she said.

'I saw other girls making these videos and I always enjoyed watching them and then I thought "Why can't I make those videos too?"

'You never really see girls with disabilities in the make-up profession so I wanted to change that and be a new face and a role model to younger girls and just have fun with it.

Michaela, seen vlogging in her bedroom in Michigan, has thousands of subscribers to her YouTube channel, FunsizedStyle

Now Michaela has over 30,000 subscribers on her channel and over 1.6million views from fans - her biggest being her mum, who has the same condition. 

'We all face challenges and I want people to know that they can get through it and enjoy life's joys,' said the inspirational vlogger.

'I want girls to know they are beautiful just the way they are.

'I have had people tell me that I am ugly or I am fat and I don't care, because we are all made how God wants us to be and I am perfectly okay with that.

'The fact that people all over the world are watching me is just awesome.'  

Michaela's father Kenneth, seen left, has cerebral palsy, while her mother, Melissa, right, has the same condition as her daughter

The 18-year-old wants to move to LA and launch her own fashion line after university 

Michaela says people were scared to 'get near her' when she was younger, because her bones are so fragile 

Melissa and Michaela's dad, Kenneth, who has cerebral palsy, have always encouraged their daughter to live an independent life.

She currently has metal rods in her limbs and uses a wheelchair, but she refuses to let the condition hold her back, and as well as running her YouTube channel, Michaela is also studying for a degree in marketing.

Now the vlogger is thinking about her future, and said she has big plans for after she finishes university.

The teenage vlogger has had metal rods inserted in her limbs and uses a wheelchair, but says she refuses to let her condition hold her back

She tells her female fans to disregard conventional beauty standards and says: 'I want girls to know they're beautiful just the way they are'

Michaela said: 'I want to move to LA and set up a clothing line for people of my size. Currently I have to buy children's clothes and Disney print and sparkles aren't ideal for every occasion.

'I hope I can inspire people to follow their dreams and live big - nothing can hold me back.

'The advice I would give to other people in a similar situation is don't let your medical condition or disability be a excuse or stand in your way.

'You might have to do things differently but that's okay. I am exceeding all kind of limitations already so if there is something that you want to accomplish in this world then definitely go for it.'

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June 16, 2017

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