Images reveal what happen to baby's head during birth

Rare images taken during childbirth captures the stunning malleability of a newborn's head that allows it to pass through the birth canal.

'The molding on Graham’s head was extra dramatic because of his position,' Kayla told Daily Mail Online in an email. 'His head was tilted a bit to the side so the molding isn’t centered and it caused his mama to push for a bit longer than if he would have been in a better position. 

Welcome to the world: Photographer Kayla Reeder captured the moment a newborn baby's head was left temporarily misshapen after he was pushed out of the birth canal

Pushing: Kayla documented Nikki and her husband Chris in the moments before and after the birth of their son Graham 

'Soon after birth the molding went down and by few days old he had a perfectly shaped head,' Kayla added. 'It’s no cause for alarm or concern in this case and his birth was in no way traumatic because of it.’  

Instead of having a fully-formed skull, newborns have several plates that are joined together by soft tissue. 

These soft spots, which are known as fontanelle, allow babies to safely pass through the birth canal. 

First moments: After he was pushed out of the birth canal, Graham was temporarily left with a little cone head 

Magical moment: Kayla said Graham's birth was 'a blessing to witness' 

Amazing meeting: Graham was immediately placed on his mother's chest for skin to skin contact

While the posterior fontanelle closes about two to three months after the baby's birth, the anterior fontanelle remains open until the child is about 18 months old. 

A baby's skull consists of several bones, and there are soft spots — or fontanels — where they meet. 

A baby's soft spots are covered by a thick fibrous layer. 

The soft spots are safe to touch and typically close within 12 to 18 months, when the skull bones fuse together.

Kayla explained that when Nikki told her she was in labor on Valentine's Day morning, she thought she had more time because she was in labor for 36 hours with her first child. 

Nikki was keeping Kayla updated while she drove 45 minutes to the hospital, and when the she arrived, she learned that her client was already 9cm dilated.

'This sweet mama was listening to worship music as her beautiful mom whispered encouraging words to her,' she recalled. 'It was a blessing to witness.' 

Overjoyed: Both Chris and Nikki showered their newborn with love after his arrival 

Doting mom: 'The love and adoration and relief that he was finally here radiated through them,' Kayla said 

Gone in an instant: Kayla noted that Graham had a 'perfectly shaped' head just a few days later 

Kayla said Nikki's husband Chris made it to the hospital right after she did, and before it was time for her to push, her daughter came in to give her a kiss.

She explained that pushing took about an hour and Graham was a 'bit sideways', so Nikki had to 'work a little harder but no additional interventions were necessary'.

A photo from the shoot sees Nikki pushing with all her might while Chris held her head up for her.  

'Finally Graham made his way into the world! He is beautiful,' Kayla said of the birth. 'Mama had immediate skin to skin with him and Dad showered them in love. 

'The love and adoration and relief that he was finally here radiated through them. Graham was perfect in every way. Right down to his little cone head.' 

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June 16, 2017

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