Daily horoscope

Daily horoscope for Sunday, December 16, 2018

What do others truly think about you? Do they assume things that aren't true? Are you confident that they understand your motives? Your reputation is on your mind today, which means you'll be a bit preoccupied attempting to answer these kind of questions. The key to building the rep you crave is clear communication, but there's no need to aggressively sell yourself. Let your actions speak for you.


To ensure that your forthcoming travel plans go off without a hitch, put planning first today. There is real value in taking the time to double-check itineraries, as well as looking (once more) for less expensive options. You might receive some confusing information on how to get to where you need to go, so now is not the time to finalize any transportation reservations.


Sure, it would be awfully comfortable to have your life laid out neatly in front of you, with no surprises and no confusing relationships?but where's the fun in that? Embrace the chaos that is your life right now. It's stimulating your mind in a whole new way. If you get anxious about how things are going to work out, you'll be putting yourself through emotional distress for no good reason. Don't fall into that trap.


Whatever problems you're having?whether at work or at school, with a relative or with a friend?are nowhere near as pressing as you think they are. You can safely step back from a given situation, because it is not in danger of becoming a crisis. You're extremely sensitive right now, and thus susceptible to paranoia. Your anxiety indicates that resolving this problem is important?not that it's unsolvable.


Carrying off things in the right order is very important today. If anything is out of whack, discouragement is sure to follow. So remember to put on your socks before your shoes, and take time to listen to all the instructions you're given before acting. You may think you know best (and you usually do), but it's best to play it safe. Defer to those who have more experience.


Are you looking for a new romance? Keep your eyes peeled, as someone's repeated emails or questions may conceal an ulterior motive. If you're not looking for love, then make sure not to lead anyone on. Refrain from getting too personal with your witty jokes and thoughtful comments?you may be giving the green light to someone who should be seeing a glaring red one.


Do you know your limits? It's time to find out what they are?especially in terms of your relationships with others. If you have ever been accused of oversharing, then try to withhold some of your inner thoughts today. It's not that no one cares, it's just that people have a lot of other things to think about. Wait for people to ask you what's going on in your head instead of spilling it all at the first opportunity you get. A little mystery can be a very good thing.


Tentative facts and figures are starting to become more concrete, so today might be a good day to sign any finance-related paperwork or contracts. Things that have been up in the air have finally floated to the ground, no longer uncertain, so you can rest assured that promises made today will be kept. Trusting people right now will pay off?it's a way of showing respect, and this will help you build some important relationships.


Believe it or not, saving money can be a lot of fun. For example, if you make your own lunch every day instead of eating out, you can try out new recipes and explore new cuisine. All you need to do is apply some creativity to the task, and you may find yourself enjoying the challenge of budgeting. Even if your finances are totally solid, saving money is never a bad idea. Teaching yourself to have more discipline is not as difficult as you might think.


Get ready to have a very fulfilling day. One of your most concentrated efforts is about to start paying off, or, alternatively, an ambitious plan is ready to be put into action. Results may be coming in slowly, but they are coming in?and they are good, so don't be disheartened if you aren't exactly where you want to be. Things are looking up, and you are gaining momentum with each passing minute. This is the day you have been working for.


It's time to be your own drill sergeant. Give yourself some discipline! But there's no need to be cruel?simply apply some tough love. Is there a difficult task you've been avoiding, an awkward conversation you've been putting off, or a tedious obligation you've been pretending doesn't exist? Well, you have to deal with it?now. Take a deep breath and dive right in. There's no sense in delaying the inevitable. Get it over with.


Collaboration and teamwork will result in very powerful energy right now, so pitch in and volunteer to assist a neighbor or friend in need. Getting involved will zap some new excitement into your life, and make you feel more valued than you've felt in a very long time. Outdoor activity is also something you might want to explore?some fresh air is sure to enhance you mood.