Daily horoscope

Daily horoscope for Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This isn't a good time to send any mixed messages. The people you're dealing with at the moment need clear, concise statements from you and if you can't seem to say what's on your mind, write it down. Using smaller words might do the trick, especially if you have a tendency to try to impress people with a big vocabulary. It's imperative that you get your point across, which means it's not the time to show off.


Planning for the short term is a piece of cake, but the long term is a whole other story. For some reason, you don't have any problem seeing the immediate future, but when looking ahead, the details begins to blur. Stick with what you know and what feels comfortable for now -- there will be plenty of chances to go outside of your comfort zone another time. Trying to set something up for anything that is more than a day or two away is simply foolish, so avoid it if possible.


Flirting is your favorite way to get attention and you aren't happy if even one person in the room is distracted by anything other than you. There's nothing wrong with trying to captivate the masses, but it might help if you have something important or wise to say once you finally are on stage. Your communication skills are at their best, so giving a witty speech or tear-jerking toast should be no problem. The sound of applause is like music to your ears.


There's still so much to do and you have so very little time to complete all of the tasks that were assigned to you. It might be time to swallow your pride and beg for a little assistance. If getting the deadline extended is an option, that's your best course of action; if not, work as quickly as possible and call in the cavalry. You can count on your friends to help you out of one or two jams. Look on the bright side -- how great are your friends?!


You better hope the road you're on doesn't come to a fork, because with the mood you're in, you'll be standing there for hours trying to decide which way to go. In other words, decisions aren't exactly your forte at the moment. What's worse is not that you can't make up your mind, but that you don't want to listen to anyone else's opinion about what you should do. Don't wallow in indecision rather than admit you need help, or you might just be standing at the crossroads for a long, long time.


You don't mean to put your foot in your mouth, but for some reason, you keep doing it over and over again. It might be best to try to get your message across using as few words as possible right now to avoid misunderstandings. In other words, keep a lid on it until you feel more in command of your verbal skills. Don't worry -- your friends and family will be intrigued by this new you.


A new topic of discussion would be appreciated. Everyone you know has been talking about the same thing forever, and you'd love to have something different to discuss, if only for a moment. Don't be afraid to bring up a topic that interests you -- perhaps the only reason your friends are talking about the same old thing is that they need someone like you to liven up the conversation. You can really shake things up if you want to.


You're the first person to step up and take a dare, but don't be surprised if your willingness to try just about anything doesn't pay off. Don't try too hard to impress other people -- it's never worth the effort. Take a step back and think about whether you'd be doing this if you were by yourself or with old and trusted pals. If the answer is no, there's really no reason to proceed with your current behavior.


You waste no time, mostly because you can't afford to. You have a million things to do and everyone wants more of your attention than they already have. While it's nice to feel this popular, you may have to put up some barriers. You'll need to spend some time alone to concentrate on the tasks at hand. You'll be better off if you close the door and turn off the TV and telephone while you try to get your work done. Socializing should be secondary to other responsibilities right now.


Your ideas are certainly commendable, but are they too complicated for most people to understand? If you work in a technical field or have a particularly intellectual hobby, don't expect your friends and relatives to know automatically what you're talking about today. You may have to go into much more detail than you normally would -- but you don't mind, especially when it's for a good cause.


Someone telling you that you're unique, odd or strange would be the best compliment you could receive. You love to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and you don't mind it in the least. The people closest to you can't seem to figure out why you try so hard to be different, and you can't for the life of you understand why they settle for being so ordinary. Instead of arguing just to argue, why not simply agree to disagree?


You have a better chance of being right if you're just a little less specific than you usually are. Instead of guessing a certain number, state a range of numbers and hope that the winning one is in between. Lady Luck is hanging out elsewhere, so this isn't the best time to enter into contests, competitions or anything else where being in the right place at the right time might come into play. Your creativity is in full effect, but even that will only take you so far right now.